She Likes Me

I graduated last month. Walked across the stage and all that.

For the last year I’ve worked along side with a professor of mine, helping her with her research, adding to her database and then going back to analyze and code it. I’ve been in several of her courses and over the last couple of years we’ve gotten to know one another, so we’re friendly and plan to continue to work together to get a paper published.

But today, I think, was the first time it actually struck me that she likes me, as silly as that may seem.

And it may seem especially silly considering she’s took me out to lunch before graduation, offered me a place to stay when I was in town, bought me a graduation gift, and introduced me to the faculty afterwards. We continue to work together even though I’ve graduated, and is offering me a learning experience in my first opportunity to be published academically (as a co-author) and with the goal of presenting our findings at a conference.

But despite all that, today was the day that it clicked that we had become friends over the course of our frequent phone calls and e-mails.

She was asking me about my job hunt – I had a job lined up earlier in the year, but it was government related and the funding was pulled, so I had to move on. I was telling her about a phone interview I had lined up, but then mentioned how I was a bit limited in certain types of experience which made me nervous – I’m applying to a lot of nonprofits, and like so many places they’re pushing for x numbers of years of previous experience in nonprofits. She remembered that for the last I had been volunteering with a rescue – not sure unusual, but then she asked about a mother’s group I volunteered with.

That gave me pause. I volunteered there way way back, and would have only bothered mentioned it to her in my first class with her.

Now, obviously, she has an excellent memory.

But also it was touching that she remembered such a nit-picky detail about my life.

When it comes to relationships, I tend to be super thick.

The last to know type of person.

But I think we’re friends.

And that makes me happy.


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