Marching On

To make up for my wishy-washiness last year, I found myself really wanting to observe, and possibly participate in a Women’s March this year. Having grown a spine and developed a sense of self over the course of the last year, I faced no real opposition from outside forces – but did find myself facing one hurdle: The marches coincided with my youngest son’s birthday.

I didn’t want to not participate in my son’s birthday but also didn’t want to miss the march. So what to do?

Well, I was in luck this year – my son asked to spend the night in a hotel. Perhaps I was being a little opportunistic, but I jumped on it and booked a hotel near where one of the marches would be taking place.

So I was able to do it. Go to march. Celebrate birthday. Check and check.

As an added bonus I was able to take the boys and explain to them why people gather together – sort of an intro to social change, protesting, demonstrating, etc. I mean, it’s kind of an abstract concept to kids – but seeing it in action? That completely changes their level of understanding – and the timing is perfect since they’ve been learning about MLK and all he did.

There were a lot of families at the Baltimore March. Men, women, children of all ages and backgrounds. It felt inclusive, like a community coming together.

If anyone is on the fence about checking these things out in person, so far my personal experience is leaning towards saying it’s worth checking out and experiencing first hand. It’s completely different to be in the middle of it then read about it on Twitter or seeing videos of it on television.

And if you’re not really sure how to learn about what’s going on in your area, I would recommend search Facebook Events, Eventbrite, Twitter and MeetUp to get a feel for your local scene and what issues are important.

And since this year’s theme centered on getting out the vote this year I would also encourage everyone to register to vote if you’re not already.


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