Another day, it’s all the same

Yesterday morning I was just starting my work day when an e-mail from the big boss landed in my inbox.

It was company-wide so I was going to write it off as one of those memos that probably don’t pertain to me all that much – like a new contract or something. Good news, but likely not really going to involve me for weeks.

But I clicked on it anyway and was caught off guard when I saw instead of company news it was about a co-worker who wouldn’t be available that day because she was rushing to Great Mills High School – her children were inside.

Thoughts and prayers.

My last post, I discussed the Parkland High School shooting – and this week is strikes even closer to home.

It’s hard to pretend this isn’t jarring, but also frustrating. We have this happen in our own neighborhood, more or less, and see people immediately fall into the same patterns as if it’s some far away thing they’re discussing rather than something that’s affected real students in their community. A real school had a shooting in their community. Real students were injured. But it’s reduced to a partisan argument¬†like it’s a philosophical argument they’re having in a class.

All of this is real and it matters.


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